Gay cum swallow is a legit skill to be learned

In the world of male orgasm and sucking, gay cum swallow is a skill that can be learned. Many men who are gay cum eat because it makes them feel good. It also turns some women on because they get to see a man pleasure himself and sometimes women just want to see a man pleased, especially if that man is gay. There are however men who don’t turn women on so much with gay cunnilingus but still find it arousing when a woman sucks him.

Proper way to swallow cum of your partner

There are tons of places on the internet to see pictures of gay cum swallows and sites that will show you exactly how one should be done. I have seen lots of videos on gay cum swallows and they are impressive… but it all comes down to what your man wants. If he wants to make love to you in the mouth and feels like you are the perfect person for this then go for it. If not then it might be time for you to start practicing. Find a good program on male enhancement for men and get on it.

A lot of times gay cum swallowers don’t really care about making love to their partners in the mouth or performing cunnilingus. They just want to please themselves and the crowd. I don’t think it’s wrong to do either but I think it’s a little more appreciated when the guy gives it to you straight. This way the man gets to know you better and if you make out in the beginning of the sex than you can go back for more and if he doesn’t, then he has already shown his love.

There are gay cum swallowers that want to perform cunnilingus but aren’t gay or if they are gay they just love to swallow men. Some may even prefer to perform gay sex instead of straight sex. Some twink cum swallowers…

The most popular one is the gay man that likes to suck cocks

There are a lot of gay men who like to eat and give oral sex as well. It seems that’s what they are naturally made for. It’s a natural thing. If you’re turned on by eating it and getting off of it too then you could use a gay oral sex cunnilingus program to help you with the eating.

What you want to do is first start out with a very small amount and then raise the amount you’re eating. Now the best way to do this is to start out with something easy like a finger or a thumb sized piece of food. Once you’re warmed up then you can move onto eating a whole cock. As you have a bit more experience with your gay cum swallower you can start to challenge yourself to go farther by trying to swallow a bigger piece of cock… it’ll feel amazing and your confidence will skyrocket because now you’re really getting into it!