The Gay Dad Son Porn Fantasy

The father/son fantasy represents an alluring return to primal child-hood. While potentially seductive, it’s really pleasing to watch because among other, it pleases size difference porn fetish. Jake posts images and interactions between himself and his father on Tumblr, though due to site policies regarding incest, their interactions remain strictly nonsexual. Still, their content seems

Straight Guys and Gay Pornography

Straight men have long been an essential element of gay pornography, from hairy characters with big dicks or smooth as silk who fulfill fans’ wildest fantasies. Lucy Neville was taken aback at their sudden rise in popularity, leading her to write the book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. However, is it acceptable for

How to Choose Condom For Best Gay Anal Sex

Bottoming is a delicious pleasure and can be used in many positions. But, like all sex, it’s important to protect yourself against STDs. Traditionally, HIV agencies in the UK have recommended that gay men use extra-strong condoms for anal sex. But that advice is now under scrutiny. A City University trial has found that standard-strength

Why Does Gay Anal Sex Feel Good?

For cisgender gay men, anal play can be a source of tremendous pleasure and a way to enact their deeply held fantasies. But it takes preparation—and lube. A lot of guys don’t like anal sex, and that’s fine. Being gay doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it, just as being heterosexual doesn’t mean you have

How to Enjoy Gay Anal Sex

For those who want to explore anal pleasure, there are plenty of positions that can make the experience pleasurable. But first, you need to prepare. Bottoms who are trying anal sex for the first time can get nervous about the potential for poop accidents or hygiene issues. But with the right preparation, anal sex can

Gay Anal Sex Protection

With the HIV prevention drug PrEP available, it can be easy to forget that condoms still play an important role in preventing both HIV and other STIs. When it comes to anal sex, using condoms is the most effective way to protect against infection. Use plenty of anal lubricants, but avoid oil-based lubes, which can

Gay Latino Men and Sex

A study examining relationships and sex between Latino gay men in New York City and non-gay men revealed that nearly half of the participants had sex with heterosexual men during the past three months. The results revealed that Latino gay men viewed sexual orientation as the result of one’s sex role. Consequently, the majority of